Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Letting the Beasts Out

Welcome to a new episode of Transmissions from the Ninth World, episode 12. In this episode we talk about the release of the Numenera Bestiary as well as fan created resources.

Letting the Beasts Out


  1. Kicking it Forward Links:

    1. Monsters & Magic Creature Collection - http://kck.st/186HCN8
    2. Storyscape - http://kck.st/1aoX864
    3. Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series - http://kck.st/1buwI30
    4. 14 dice sets compatible w/ Dungeon Crawl Classics +D9 D11 - http://kck.st/K7dNkb

  2. I checked out Storyscape, but I'm leery of the fact that they keep glazing over how folks will generate the adventures in their marketplace, or what's involved in their campaign stretch goal.

    How do you design adventures for a system you don't have? Or don't get to learn? :/

    Great podcast though, guys. I really enjoyed it.