Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lost Travelers of the Ninth World

What's that emerging from the nano dust storm ahead? Why, it's a new episode of Transmissions from the Ninth World!!! Join host David Wilson Brown and co-hosts Jim Ryan and Andrew Cady as they catch up on what has been happening with the game of Numenera since they last talked. Their discussion covers newest releases, conventions, the CypherCast Network, and more!

Episode 18: Lost Travelers of the Ninth World


  1. Enjoyed the return of the show, great information. Sound quality is also good but your mics are picking up every time you inhale which sounds a bit odd. Very happy you are active again and really looking forward to new shows again.

  2. hey can you get these published to google Music? That would be awesome

  3. seems like this tells you how to publish to google music :)